Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Unusual Sculptures of People and Skeletons Chiseled from Wood by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki chisels these life-sized figurative sculptures out of giant pieces of camphor wood, a kind of evergreen. The strange pieces frequently involve two or more characters merged into a single form, which could been interpreted as commentary on mortality, or multiple personalities/perspectives.

Wood sculptures will get you.



This is a ceramic sculpture. All aspects of the work began as clay. The colors, and finishes are all glaze-fired. This work is part of a series of pieces in which I have explored issues of gender representation, advertising, and religion. This particular work has bits and pieces of Venus, Eve, Wonder Woman, and Greta Garbo, interspersed with B movie posters and advertising images about looking, watching, gazing, and vision. By Steve Hansen